Our Human Resources Policy

The Human Resources Policy of Genkim Ltd Şti, which continues to be the “preferred institution by qualified employees”; adopts human resources as the most important capital of a company.

In this context, our Human Resources Policy;

– To ensure that the employees are engaged in tasks aimed at their knowledge, abilities and goals with the understanding of the right employee for the right job
– To work with people who adopt the corporate culture and values ​​of the institution at all levels and comply with ethical principles,
– In terms of Occupational Health and Safety practices, to ensure that employees work in a safe and peaceful environment,
– To support open communication within the company and to create a sharing environment based on trust between our employees at all levels and human resources,
– Supporting the career development of employees with applications such as transfer, promotion, rotation and ensuring the implementation of succession management,
– To ensure that the performance of the employee is evaluated according to fair, transparent and measurable criteria,
– To create a training plan prepared according to the needs and ensure that it is followed,
– Thus, by giving importance to employee happiness and loyalty, to ensure that our company is the institution preferred by qualified employees.