Product Name

Ionic Character

Application Field

LANAGEN AFAnionicAnti-felting in woollens.
GENOX BB KONZAnionicSulfur dye antioxidant.
GENOX SAnionicSulfur dyeing oxidation agent.
GENKOLA WBNonionic/AnionicWash-resistant hem starch for knitted fabrics.
GENKIM MAC  3CationicSpecially developed washing agent for in-machine cleaning of deposits such as oligomers, paints, silicones, and sizing.
GENOPTIK PBAnionicConcentrated optical brightener with blue nuance for cellulosic fibers.
GENOPTIK PES/BAnionicOptical brightener with blue nuance for PES and its blends.
GENACRYL LTX 555NonionicSoft and durable backing binder.
GENACRYL LT 111NonionicSelf-crosslinkable textile binder.
GENACRYL FSANonionicTextile and carpet binder.
GENACRYL LM 260NonionicBinder used to cover the backs of wool carpets.
APRETAN GT 40NonionicFilling and stiffness agent used in all kinds of fibers.
GENKOLA WBNonionic/AnionicWash-resistant, edge starching agent for knitted fabrics.
GENPLUS WGNonionicHighly effective, very effective weight increaser.
GENACRYL HCP 104Nonionic/AnionicHard coating binder with high washing resistance.
GENACRYL SCP 160Nonionic/AnionicSoft coating binder with high washing resistance.
GENACRYL NWB F3NonionicBinder for needle punched carpet, rigid non-woven interlining and wadding.
GENACRYL VT 301Nonionic/Slightly AnionicAcrylic thickener for coating.
TURQUAT AA 9.1Vegetable-based esterquat for the detergent industry.