Product Name

Ionic Character

Application Field

GENOVER DEEPAnionic/NonionicSpecific oil and silicone removing pre-treatment agent.
GENOVER ORWNonionicNonfoaming synthetic desizing and oil removing, wetting and prefixing agent.
GENKIMOL L/SRNonionicEcological scouring and oil removing agent with orange solvent.
ORANGE SNonionicEnviromental, oil remover and scouring agent that contain orange solvent.
ECOREM PES G/ANonionicSynthetic size, oil, stain and silicone removing prefixing agent.
THERMOSTABIL LYCNonionic/Slightly CationicWashing and anti-yellowing agent including elastane for PA, PES fibers prefixing.
SUPERPOWER 911NonionicSolvent free oil remover, washing, scouring and wetting agent.