Product Name

Ionic Character

Application Field

GENPRINT D 60Natural thickener providing high color yield for disperse printing.
GENPRINT DTAnionicModified polysaccharide.
GENPRINT RFTNatural thickener for PES printing.
GENPRINT DT 70Disperse printing thickener.
EMPRINT CE (Granül)Natural thickener for indanthrene and disperse printing.
GENGUAR NEWNonionicNatural thickener for PA, PAC and PES printing.
GENGOL NOxidizing agent.
EMULGATOR ANonionicPrinting paste emulsifier.
PRINT BRIGHTAnionicBrightness and fastness improver, eliminating bleeding of colours in reactive, dispers and discharge printing which protects paste viscosity and back surface color uniformity.
GENPRINT SPDNonionicColor enhancer in disperse printing.