Product Name

Ionic Character

Application Field

GENSIZE LT 600α-Amylase desizing enzyme.
GENSIZE LT HIGH KONZα-Amylase desizing enzyme.
GENZIM PER 600Antiperoxide catalase enzyme.
GENPIL UNI KONZ BAcid cellulase biopolishing enzyme.
GENPIL UNI H KONZAcid cellulase biopolishing enzyme.
GENPIL UNI NENeutral cellulase biopolishing enzyme for dye bath.
GENPIL COMBI ECOProcess shortening catalase and neutral cellulase enzyme formulation for dyeing.
GENSTONE GWConcentrated stone washing enzyme for cold and hot baths.
GENZIM PER 1060 ARConcentrated antiperoxide catalase enzyme.
GENXIM PER 1000 FConcentrated antiperoxide catalase enzyme.
GENZIM PER 1000 MConcentrated antiperoxide catalase enzyme.